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How long does it take to learn a new language: How is my Korean(한국어) progress?

Updated: Feb 12

Well, few points first:

The date written in the top left corner of my Korean notebook's first page is 6th April 2021.

Today is 10th May 2023.

I am on a 200 day streak on Duolingo, earlier was on 46th, when I wrote this blog on how to learn your first - other language.

I have written 5-6 songs in my Korean notebook-copied lyrics, not that I wrote them on my own, lol.

I have attended almost 30-50 Korean-English language exchange meetups.

Helped 2-3 Korean people with English.

I am good at Korean Jumble words, fill in the blanks, complete the sentence type of exercises, thanks to Duolingo.

I understand the context when I listen to a Korean dialogue or a song. Focus needed.

Still can't properly roll my tongue or sculpt my lips to pronounce the words. On no.

Brain still gets weird and forget English and Hindi grammar sometimes and I end up making mistakes like using 3rd form of verb with "did". Embarrassing moments.

Next Steps:

Set a deadline. I just don't want to be draaaaging this for too long. What's the end goal? Maybe I need to book a ticket to South Korea and then upload a vlog in the native language with native people.

Streak must not break. Keep going on.

Write, write, write. Write more, learn more.

Start reading short - children stories out loud. Ofcourse to myself.

Find a language partner. A genuine one.

Conclusion: Learning a new language takes a looong time, if you are pursuing it as a hobby.

Until next time. 안녕


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